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Report Back: Sacred Water Tour 2014

From the Deep Green Resistance Southwest Coalition, a report-back from the 2014 Sacred Water Tour:   By Max Wilbert, Susan Hyatt, Katie Wilson, and Michael Carter, Deep Green Resistance Southwest Coalition In late May 2014, members of Deep Green Resistance (DGR), Great Basin Water Network, the Ely-Shoshone Indian tribe, and others toured the valleys of […]

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The Modern COINTELPRO and How To Fight It

The Modern COINTELPRO and How To Fight It Despite the seeming popularity of environmental and social justice work in the modern world, we’re not winning. We’re losing. In fact, we’re losing really badly. Why is that? One reason is because few popular strategies pose real threats to power. That’s not an accident: the rules of […]

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Video: Stop The SNWA Water Grab Teach-In

Saturday, January 11, 2014 Did you know that Las Vegas is planning a $15 billion project to extract water from the driest places in the country? And that ranchers, farmers, indigenous and rural communities, hunters, and environmentalists are coming together to fight it? ________ Watch community organizers speak about the so-called “Water Grab” – the […]

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Latest News: SNWA Coalition, New Members, and More

DGR Great Basin is helping to organize a coalition of individuals and groups to fight the Las Vegas Water Grab. Learn more by watching this video (produced by Max Wilbert): TO GET INVOLVED IN THIS FIGHT: – email – follow Stop the SNWA Water Grab on Facebook – comment on this post – share […]

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