Endgame Premises Archives: 10: Civilization is driven by a death urge

The culture as a whole and most of its members are insane.
The culture is driven by a death urge, an urge to destroy life.

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Federal Judge in Utah Strikes Down Prairie Dog Protection

  Editor’s note: Deep Green Resistance members, working together with Wildlands Defense and local activists, have been working hard to defend prairie dogs in Colorado for the past year. Thus far they have had several victories, protecting hundreds of prairie dogs from extermination. Learn more about their campaigns, click here. Meanwhile, in Utah, a federal […]

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Dominique Christina: Culturalized Brutality In Four Part (Dis)Harmony

Editors note: this article from Deep Green Resistance member and slam poet world champ Dominique Christina was published recently in the wake of the latest mass shooting in Virginia. In the piece, Dominique reflects on the media treatment of different cases: they make the killing of white people into tragedies (which they are), but don’t […]

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Campaign to Save the Castle Rock Prairie Dogs led by Deep Green Resistance Colorado

CASTLE ROCK, COLORADO — A campaign to save a colony of thousands of Prairie Dogs threatened by the development of a mall on Colorado’s Front Range, south of Denver, is being led by Deep Green Resistance Colorado. VIDEO: DGR Colorado member destroys Prairie Dog traps The planned mall, to be built by Alberta Development Corporation, […]

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Mental Health & Civilization: A Compilation | Deep Green Resistance News Service

This book is for those who feel, in their bones, the struggle of living in such a culture, and for those who love life and want to fight back. The numerous activists, artists, and writers who have contributed to this book also surely know this struggle. included here is a compilation of personal stories, essays, […]

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