Endgame Premises Archives: 12: There are no rich or poor people

There are no rich people in the world, and there are no
poor people. There are just people. The rich may have lots of pieces of green paper
that many pretend are worth something—or their presumed riches may be even
more abstract: numbers on hard drives at banks—and the poor may not. These
“rich” claim they own land, and the “poor” are often denied the right to make
that same claim. A primary purpose of the police is to enforce the delusions of
those with lots of pieces of green paper. Those without the green papers gener-
ally buy into these delusions almost as quickly and completely as those with.
These delusions carry with them extreme consequences in the real world.

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Surprise! Inequality began with civilization.

From Science Magazine, one of the most prestigious academic journals in the world: Seek the richest family in a traditional camp of the Ju/’hoansi/!Kung people of the Kalahari Desert in Africa, and you will almost surely fail. There is no such thing. These hunter-gatherers traditionally moved periodically and had few possessions. What they had, they […]

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