Last Chance to RSVP for Sacred Water, Sacred Forests!

We just had our latest planning meeting and this year’s Sacred Water, Sacred Forests Camp is coming together well. We’re looking forward to a great weekend sharing skills, building community, exchanging knowledge, deepening our connection to the land, and strategizing.

If you plan to attend the trip and have not contacted us yet, please do so by emailing your RSVP to greatbasin at deepgreenresistance dot org! Thank you.

This year we plan to visit and learn about the destruction of beautiful, important, and sacred Pinyon Pine and Juniper forests. These trees have nourished people and other beings for thousands of years and deserve protection, not rampant clearcutting, herbicide spraying, and chaining.

We will also visit sites and speak with local activists and indigenous community members about the SNWA water grab, Las Vegas’s plan to steal all the water from eastern Nevada and pump it more than 200 miles south to support unsustainable and destructive growth in the glitz city.

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