Last Chance to RSVP for Sacred Water, Sacred Forests!

We just had our latest planning meeting and this year’s Sacred Water, Sacred Forests Camp is coming together well. We’re looking forward to a great weekend sharing skills, building community, exchanging knowledge, deepening our connection to the land, and strategizing. If you plan to attend the trip and have not contacted us yet, please do […]

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Reminder: RSVP Now for the Sacred Water, Sacred Forests Camp!

A ponderosa pine towers over Pinyon-Juniper forest in Great Basin National Park, traditional Newe (Goshute/Shoshone) lands.

This post is a reminder — the Sacred Water, Sacred Forests Camp is coming up in just over 2 months. Have you marked your calendar yet? Learn more about the event and how to RSVP — click here! This year we plan to visit and learn about the destruction of beautiful, important, and sacred Pinyon […]

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Sacred Water, Sacred Forests Camp – Memorial Day Weekend, 2017

Over Memorial Day Weekend (May 27-29), the fifth annual Sacred Water, Sacred Forests Camp will be taking place in eastern Nevada. Every year a group of grassroots activists and community members have gathered in this remote region to celebrate the beauty of the Great Basin, share information and strategies about protecting the area, and spend […]

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Sacred Water, Sacred Forests Camp

When: May 27, 2017 @ 10:00 am – May 29, 2017 @ 2:00 pm

A Gathering for Celebration, Community, Movement Building, Ecology, and Land Defense! Join us this Memorial Day weekend for a tour of sacred lands threatened by the proposed Southern Nevada Water Authority groundwater pipeline. We will[…]

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The U.S. is Losing the Climate Change War

We need to face the truth. In Park City, like everywhere in the world, we are losing the climate-change war. The Park Record’s November 18 article, “Environmentalists search for silver linings,” by David Hampshire, declared that Election Day was not a great day for environmentalists. To support his claim, Hampshire cited Donald Trump’s statements about canceling the Paris Climate Agreement and stopping payments of US tax dollars to UN global-warming programs. … Continue reading →

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Standing Against the Coming Climate Nightmare

Trump’s election has sabotaged any prospect of reigning in the global warming crisis by Max Wilbert / Deep Green Resistance — On Tuesday night, the American people decided to elect Donald J. Trump, a billionaire business mogul and reality TV star who has been accused of raping or otherwise sexually assaulting twenty-three women, who has […]

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Racists Plow Truck into Crowd of Indigenous Protestors in Reno | Biomass is NOT sustainable!

Reno indigenous people abolish columbus day indigenous peoples day

This story from the phenomenal journalist Brenda Norrell of Censored News. RENO (Monday, October 9th) — Five people were injured when a white pickup truck plowed into Native American rights activists, protesting Columbus Day and speaking out for the defense of the water at Standing Rock. During the Abolish KKKolumbus Day March on Monday, at […]

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