Sengwer of Kenya Forcibly Evicted from Ancestral Forest

The Sengwer People of the Embobut Forest in Kenya, one of the few remaining hunter-gatherer peoples in East Africa, are being forcibly evicted from their lands by guards from The Kenya Forest Service, with support from the Kenya police. Despite a court injunction forbidding the eviction, thousands of Sengwer People now face an all too familiar loss of homes, food stores and belongings.

Rolling slopes in Kenya’s western highlands, the Sengwer have lived in and cared for the Cherangany Hills for centuries. However, since 2007, when the World Bank began disbursing funds to the Kenya Forest Service for a Natural Resource Management Project (NRMP) the Sengwer’s legacy has been threatened.

via Sengwer of Kenya Forcibly Evicted from Ancestral Forest.

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