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Racists Plow Truck into Crowd of Indigenous Protestors in Reno | Biomass is NOT sustainable!

This story from the phenomenal journalist Brenda Norrell of Censored News.
RENO (Monday, October 9th) — Five people were injured when a white pickup truck plowed into Native American rights activists, protesting Columbus Day and speaking out for the defense of the water at Standing Rock.
During the Abolish KKKolumbus Day March on Monday, at about 6:40 p.m. the driver of the pickup stalked the marchers and yelled insults at them, before slamming into Native Americans and supporters, including a grandmother who is hospitalized.
With multiple fractures to her pelvis, and in the hospital, the grandmother said, ‘I feel this was attempted vehicular homicide. He could have killed us, and he didn’t care.”
The hate crime was caught on video and the license plate is in clear view below.

Turning Pinyon Juniper forests into biomass pellets: not sustainable


Pinyon Juniper forests from Lincoln County NV will possibly be shipped to Asia as biomass pellets.

“Baughman reported on his work with FRAM Renewable Fuels of Hazelhurst, Georgia, and hopes to arrange a tour of Lincoln County and meetings with the BLM and local elected and appointed officials sometime in mid-November. The company is interested in investigating building and operating an industrial pellet mill in Lincoln County using Pinyon-Juniper biomass as a feedstock. The pellets produced here would be shipped to Los Angeles for export to Asia.”

Read more at LCCentral.

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