Rachel: Against an Uncritical Embrace of Gender

The following is a response to an open letter written by Bonnie Mann to Lierre Keith.

Hello Professor Mann,

You wrote an open letter recently to my friend and fellow activist Lierre Keith. You don’t know me, and I don’t know you, but as your letter discusses issues which are very important to me, and as I feel that you’ve gravely misconstrued those issues, it feels incumbent upon me to respond. You may choose to write me off as “uncritical,” since I share the views that you have dismissed as such in your letter, but I hope that you will instead choose to listen and reflect on my reasons for finding your letter uncritical at best, and in all truth, irresponsibly misleading at worst. At the risk of casting too wide a net, there are two things I’d like to address: the things you say in your letter, and the things you don’t say in your letter.

Read the full response on the Deep Green Resistance News Service.

One thought on “Rachel: Against an Uncritical Embrace of Gender

  1. I was searching about Rachel, because I love her speech about “the end of gender” and I just can’t find anything about her activity on line in the past few years. what happened? (although I think I know what it is, is the persecution from the trans activists, right?) I so sorry. I would like to hear about Rachel Ivey or even be able to contact her! From Brazil, Cami!

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