Sacred Water Tour: May 24th-26th


Las Vegas developers are scheming to take all the groundwater from eastern Nevada. We aim to stop them!

Memorial Day weekend (May 24th to 26th) we will touring the water grab region. We will be guided by the traditional inhabitants of this land, members of the Goshute and Shoshone nations.

We’ll be camping in some of the beautiful places threatened by the water grab, learning about the sacred and cultural sites of the region, and connecting to the land.

This is a family-friendly event! ALL ARE WELCOME.

This tour will take place in around the region of Great Basin National Park, Spring, Snake, Cave, Lake, and Delamar Valleys, and at the Confederated Tribes of Goshute Reservation.

Carpools will be heading out from Salt Lake City the morning of the 24th. Please post here if you can offer a ride, or if you’d like to come but need a ride.

We will be camping in some potentially remote locations – bring everything you need for the weekend: food, water, sleeping bags, tent. Post here if you can share gear or you need to borrow from someone else.

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