Monthly Meeting/Walk: September 27th

Starting Friday, September 27th, Deep Green Resistance Great Basin will be holding monthly meetings/walks (or short hikes) that are open to the public. This is a great way to connect and share ideas as we continue to build a culture of resistance against empire. These meetings will take place in and around Salt Lake City.


Discussions will vary each month on diverse topics ranging from industrial civilization, patriarchy, capitalism, the state of the environmental movement, underground promotion, direct action, skill shares, and more! All are welcome to attend!


For the time being, our monthly meetings will be short excursions to local natural areas and parks. If you have any difficulty getting around on rough terrain or can’t walk any distance, please contact us via email, Facebook, or phone/txt (206-395-6251) and we will happily modify our plans to accommodate you. Location may be subject to change each month so please be sure to follow us for the latest information/directions!


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This month’s meeting:

Friday, September 27th


A short hike in the Foothills

Please RSVP via email, phone/txt (206-395-6251), or Facebook to get the details of our destination.

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