DGR Book Excerpt

Deep Green Resistance is not a desperate call to act on whatever targets are at hand. If this is a struggle against an opponent with a scorched earth policy, then our strategy has to aim a wee bit higher than the windows of your local corporate outpost. So put away your bricks and spray paint: those are not weapons for the serious. We aim to be effective.

And because our detractors will be determined to misunderstand: DGR is also not a call for an armed insurgency. The idea is absurd. A few radical environmentalists could not possibly take on the U.S. military (which consumes 80% of the government’s petrochemical usage). DGR is a fight against a singular enemy: industrial civilization. This makes us different from every other struggle in history. It has some similarities with the original Luddites (news flash: they were right). It also has overlap with indigenous peoples trying to forestall displacement – extinction – due to dams and mining. But those indigenous are mostly having to fight while rooted in place, protecting their land and their survival.

Our actionists are not trying to change consciousness. They’re not after a seat at the political table. They are trying to stop the burning of fossil fuels and industrial-scale destruction of the life-support systems of their planet. That is the goal of DGR, and Decisive Ecological Warfare is their strategy, spelled out in the DGR book, and viewable online.

The infrastructure of industrial civilization is both vulnerable and accessible, but the environmental movement is not used to thinking in terms of infrastructure. To date, environmentalists have not suggested the level of engagement that we’re after. Ten minutes on the Internet will tell anyone where the oil comes from, where the tankers dock, where the telecommunications servers are, and where the refineries blister in clumps along the coasts. All of this information is easy, and public, and obvious.

Deep Green Resistance, pp 496-500

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