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Dominique Christina: Culturalized Brutality In Four Part (Dis)Harmony

Editors note: this article from Deep Green Resistance member and slam poet world champ Dominique Christina was published recently in the wake of the latest mass shooting in Virginia. In the piece, Dominique reflects on the media treatment of different cases: they make the killing of white people into tragedies (which they are), but don’t […]

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Free Will – Derrick Jensen | Deep Green Resistance Southwest Coalition

    “It is almost impossible to talk about free will without talking about insanity. Most of us are by now, of course, almost completely insane. Force is an expensive and inefficient way to exploit. This is as true on the grand social level as it is on the familial. From the perspective of those […]

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Online porn is the most pernicious threat facing children today

“When shown porn, the reward centre of normal volunteers barely reacted, but that of the compulsive porn users lit up like a Christmas tree. The compulsive porn users’ brains showed clear parallels with those with substance addictions. Everybody on the project was astounded, even Dr Voon, who admitted she had been ‘sceptical and ambivalent’ about […]

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