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Material Support for Grassroots Long-Term Eco-Feminist Organizing

deep green resistance radical feminism

The Women’s Caucus of Deep Green Resistance is fundraising to provide a stipend to a point person who will head up feminist organizing within and on-behalf of DGR. The women of Deep Green Resistance are hard at work fighting pipelines, protecting forests, defending prairie dogs and buffalo, creating alternative media, supporting camps like Standing Rock, […]

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Online porn is the most pernicious threat facing children today

“When shown porn, the reward centre of normal volunteers barely reacted, but that of the compulsive porn users lit up like a Christmas tree. The compulsive porn users’ brains showed clear parallels with those with substance addictions. Everybody on the project was astounded, even Dr Voon, who admitted she had been ‘sceptical and ambivalent’ about […]

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