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Material Support for Grassroots Long-Term Eco-Feminist Organizing

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The Women’s Caucus of Deep Green Resistance is fundraising to provide a stipend to a point person who will head up feminist organizing within and on-behalf of DGR. The women of Deep Green Resistance are hard at work fighting pipelines, protecting forests, defending prairie dogs and buffalo, creating alternative media, supporting camps like Standing Rock, […]

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Gender, Patriarchy, and All That Jazz

  This article, by Deep Green Resistance member Mary Lou Singleton, was recently published on Counterpunch. It deals with the topic of gender: a controversial subject that has led to DGR members being deplatformed, blacklisted, and threatened. But the hype is just that. As this post demonstrates, gender-critical positions are compassionate and have roots in […]

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A Feminist, Radical Environmentalist and AWOL: DGR Member Kourtney Mitchell

Editors note: this interview with our dear friend and fellow DGR member Kourtney Mitchell was recently featured in Counterpunch. by VINCENT EMANUELE Kourtney Mitchell is a writer and activist currently living in northeast Georgia, United States. He sits on the steering committee for Deep Green Resistance and the national board of directors for Veterans for […]

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Jonah Mix: Why I Fight — A Personal Essay | Deep Green Resistance News Service

Jonah Mix: Why I Fight — A Personal Essay | Deep Green Resistance News Service.   Excerpt: “My path to activism began when I learned that axolotls were dying, when I learned my mother had been raped. I’ve discovered a lot since then, thanks to Andrea Dworkin, Leonard Peltier, Lierre Keith, and others. I know […]

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